IACC to Unveil a New Website in 2014


GLOBAL (June 2, 2014) -- IACC

IACC is pleased to announce that a new website will be unveiled later this year. The goal is to provide a streamlined experience for Meeting Planners who are searching for their next conference venue as well as a resource-rich members portal.

A major feature of the new design will be the separation of the member pages from the directory visited by Meeting Planners, so a better involvement can be offered for both! 

“Developing the IACC website to better cater for our global Meeting Planner community as well as our members access to important industry data and services, is something we have recognised to be important if we want to achieve the best service for both audiences.", explains Mark Cooper, IACC’s CEO.

As part of the revamp, the new website will offer full functionality over desktop, smartphone and tablet devices and will offer Meeting Planners stronger search options when seeking their next conference centre.

Further details of the IACC website will be unveiled later this summer.

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